Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tell me about your favorite place to take pictures!

Ok, I had this idea after reading about Sasha Cagen's To-Do List blog. She asked people to send her their lists, and she couldn't believe the amount of mail that came in. Well, that gave me a similar idea: ask people for their favorite places to photograph around the world, and examples of photos if you have them. For example, my photo at the top of the skyline of Chicago is easy: find a parking spot along Solidarity Drive just west of the Adler Planetarium!

So, tell me about the secret (or not so secret) places you would recommend for taking photos during your travels.

(Also, does anyone know how to allow comments to show in the blog? I mean have the text show on the page, not a link to the comments like mine has. I've seen it on other blogs, but not sure how to do it!)

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