Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Camera Bag from Lowepro: Fastpack 350

Looks like Lowepro has come out with a new backpack style carrying case for digital photographers. It is available in red, black and blue, and is a comfortable pack made to carry a digital SLR camera, lenses, flash, accessories and a laptop computer with a screen up to 17".

It is made from a tough water-resistant 420 denier nylon outer fabric that protects your equipment from moisture and abrasion. There are side-entry compartments that provide fast access to your equipment. You can customize the easy-to-access main compartment with adjustable dividers. There is an ergonomic backpack harness and a carry strap on the top, which enables you to use it however you want.
PhotoReview Magazine has a brief right up about the Fastpack Backpacks here. I've read that you can access your equipment while wearing the Fastpack. I've got two other Lowepro bags that I've been very happy with: the Toploader Zoom 2 for my Nikon D70 with the kit 18-70mm lens, and the Toploader Zoom AW that I use when I've got my 80-200mm lens attached. They make an excellent product. This Fastpack 350 looks like it would work great if you need to bring your laptop along on the trip and don't want to carry multiple bags. If someone has this bag, post a comment! I would love to hear how it works. I may have to put it on my gift list! :-)
B&H Photo and Video has it available here. I've purchased cameras and accessories from them, and have always been happy with both the price, and the service.


Kasspa Australia said...

I brought this bag for a photography trip to the USA. Flying internationally from Australia was no problem with this bag. The size was perfect on a standard size flight and I still found enough room with my 15"4 laptop, DSLR, 4 lenses, external flash as well as having room for flight essentials such as an iPod, DS, point and click camera, toiletries and as spare change of clothes. The only time when flying I had with this bag was on the smaller local flights in the states on a smaller flight where the bag would not fit in the over head and only just fit under a seat.

as far as performance goes when using it for shooting, I found the fact that the zip to access the camera was on the side of the bag was fantastic! I was able to throw the bag onto one shoulder and grab out my camera in a matter of seconds if i needed to get a shot fast. the only downside being if i needed to change lenses it is not the fastest bag to access or close up again in a hurry.

Over all I found this bag to be well laid out.. But I would recommend it for people who are looking to use it more on a travel side of thing rather then every day use as the main pocket (fantastic if you need to carry a lot of extras!!) does take up a lot of space that could be used for more lenses.

windycitycameraphile said...

Thanks for the review! I never did get the bag to try, I'm glad you liked it. I haven't had the need to travel with a laptop and camera in the same bag yet. Sounds like it would do the trick, though!