Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nikon D300 - I want one!

Anyone else out there lusting after the upcoming Nikon D300? I'm saving my pennies! (I also put a Donate button on the site if you're feeling generous!) :-) Right now I have the Nikon D70, which does a great job for digital photography. But have you seen how big the screen is on the D300? Compared to my D70, my screen looks like a postage stamp!

The scary thing with digital cameras (and computers, for that matter) is that you feel like they are obsolete months after you buy them. They aren't really obsolete, they just aren't as advanced as the new model that has come out two weeks after you finally saved up enough pennies to buy the 'almost newest' model. If you look at Phil Askey's review of the D300, I noticed something unique to digital cameras: the new models are coming out faster and faster! I guess it's something similar to Moore's law.

  • D100 - announced Feb 2002
  • D200 - announced Nov 2005
  • D300 - announced Aug 2007
I think back to when I bought the Nikon F3 camera in 1986. It seems like that camera was state of the art from it's introduction in 1980 until the F4 came along in 1988. I loved that camera... tough as nails! The difference now with digital cameras is that the technology advances in the camera, unlike with film cameras, where the film got better with time.

Well, the camera is supposed to be out this month, so hopefully we start to see some hands on reviews for it soon! Bob Atkins has a nice preview of the camera on I also see that PopPhoto has a 'Buying Guide' synopsis of the D300. And here is the Nikon USA link: Nikon D300. Has anyone pre-ordered?

Where to buy a Nikon D300:


tallguy2270 said...

I also lust after the D300 (and also have the D70s). It's a very expensive obsession and I battle between sticking with what I have and just saying screw it and going for it. Since it's still not in stores (end of the month I hear), I have put my lust on temporary hold...

Pixel Of Your Eye said...

*Sigh* the D300 is also on my wish list. It has superb features (and a superb price I bet) :) The D300 is out of my financial league :) I hope you get to have one and have a review :)

windycitycameraphile said...

Well, unless Nikon sees fit to send me one to review, I'm going to have to sell a few more photos on shutterpoint before I get one. What do you think, Nikon? Sound like a good plan? I'd be happy to put one to the test!

tallguy2270 said...

I actually asked Nikon at some point when the camera was just a rumor what the process was for being an evaluator. They said they weren't accepting any more testers. So I guess we'll have to pay to play..

windycitycameraphile said...

Wow, wouldn't that be fun? Be one of the first folks to have your hands on the latest camera from Nikon? You would be the envy of all your photography friends. Well, maybe when the D400 is being developed we can get our names at the top the list to evaluate it! Until then, I guess we'll have to save our pennies for the D300.