Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rand McNally fabMAP of Chicago Review

I first saw Rand McNally's fabMAP in the Garden District Book Store in New Orleans (great book store, if you happen to visit New Orleans). It is a waterproof, tear-proof map that Rand McNally makes for various cities, and sells for $5.95. It covered a small area of New Orleans, so I decided not to get it. Now the other day I am in my local camera store, and I see a bin of cloth lens cleaners, selling for $5.95 each. Suddenly the cloth fabMAP doesn't seem so expensive! It can easily be folded up and stuffed into your camera bag. When I got mine, it said it was machine washable, microfiber cloth, that can even be used to clean your glasses.

Imagine a cloth that you can use to clean your lenses (or your eye glasses) that also has a map of downtown Chicago (or Las Vegas Strip, Midtown Manhattan Theatre District, Washington D.C. Mall, Waikiki, Hollywood-Beverly Hills, San Francisco Golden Gate Park-Haight Ashbury, New Orleans French Quarter, Miami's South Beach, Key West, Seattle's Pike Place Market, San Antonio River Walk, Denver's 16th Street Mall or San Diego's Balboa Park). You can get them here, along with many other great Rand McNally maps and things. Search for fabmap.

Update 11-16-2008

Rand-McNally let me know that they are having a contest (see 3rd comment) where you could win a $500 gift card, or a brand new Buddy Scooter (valued at $2,000)! They want you to send them a photo or short video documenting your fabMAP adventures by December 5th, 2008. Go to and check it out. And if you go to their website now, the fabMAPs are all on sale for $2 (regularly $4.95), with free shipping! I'm going back for more (Midtown Manhattan, Washington D.C., New Orleans French Quarter)!!


Jaden said...

Yes.... have shopped at Rand Mcnally several times for maps & atlases.

windycitycameraphile said...

They used to have retail outlets, which I miss. I loved being able to check out all of their maps and globes in person, versus online!

Anonymous said...

Looking to get your work noticed AND be in the running for a $500 gift card? Head over to today for ideas and to enter the RandMcNally fabMAP® contest. All you need to do is submit a photo documenting your fabMAP adventures by December 31th, 2008 to qualify.

There’s also a grand prize for video entries. Submit a video showing where the fabMAP® can take you, and you’ll also be entered into the contest for a Buddy Scooter® (worth approximately $2,000.

Get creative, get busy, and get a fabMAP® today!

Nikki said...

Thanks for covering the fabMAP on your website!! We truly believe it's a great piece of travel gear.

We also wanted to let you know about a contest that was launched to revolve around the product! There's also a discount code on the site that allows anyone to get the fabMAP for only $2!


Show us where the fabMAP® takes you and win a Buddy Scooter or $500 Gift Card!

Do you love to travel? Next time you're headed off on an adventure, travel with some extra spending cash, or ride around in your brand new Buddy Scooter (valued at $2,000)!

All you need to do is share your love of travel and the Rand McNally fabMAP®™ - a tear-proof, wrinkle-proof, waterproof fabric map. No folding – just crumple and go on your way. Visit today to learn more or enter the contest, showing us (via video or photos) where the fabMAP® can take you.

Submit a short video or photo documenting your fabMAP® adventures by December 5th, 2008 to be in the running. The video submission grand prize is a Buddy Scooter and the photo submission grand prize is a $500 gift card.

Get creative, get busy, and get a fabMAP® today!

Rod Arroyo said...

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hydrangea said...

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